Every drug has a journey

Healthcare reimbursement is an ever-changing environment, never more so than in today’s new marketplaces. With so many nuances in the implementation of reimbursement techniques and methodologies, combined with the impact of the Affordable Care Act, each day brings new challenges—and opportunities.

We thrive in this environment. We understand the implications of reimbursement on sales and marketing strategies. We know how systems work, who influences them, and how to optimize appropriate patient access to biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, and services.

Our clients tell us that we are uniquely adept at researching and analyzing information and skilled at turning research findings into strategic messages, initiatives, and long-term marketing plans. This reflects our staff’s experience in the launch process, sales, marketing, new business development, payer relations, and reimbursement planning that spans the entire biopharmaceutical and medical device industry.

Denise Pierce, President

Denise Pierce, President

DK Pierce is anything but standard; we customize our services to meet your needs and your product market environment. And I personally guarantee that we’ll provide enthusiasm, expertise, and exceptional outcomes, as we have for dozens of clients over the last 15 years.


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  • What makes us unique?
  • Deep Payer & Reimbursement Expertise
    Deep Payer & Reimbursement Expertise
  • Personalized Solutions
    Personalized Solutions
  • Attentive & Responsive Service
    Attentive & Responsive Service
  • Meaningful Results
    Meaningful Results
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A few areas of our expertise
  • Product Launch
  • Competitive Reimbursement Analysis
  • Payer Relations, Notifications, and New Drug Applications
  • National/Local Payer Strategies
  • Reimbursement Planning and Training
  • Qualitative Stakeholder Research and Analysis
  • Strategic Market Monitoring
  • Payer Policy Monitoring
  • Compendia Services
  • Advisory Boards
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