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2019 Summer Internship Program

The DK Pierce & Associates, Inc. (DKP) summer internship is a dynamic immersion into the world of healthcare consulting. DKP works with biopharmaceutical clients on the development of and patient access to novel treatments for cancers, rare diseases and other complex conditions. Examples of our business services include:

  • Assessing the design of clinical trials that will develop data for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of an important drug or biological therapy;
  • Researching the environment into which the new treatment will enter, specific to health insurance, hospitals and physician offices;
  • Identifying and resolving possible patient financial toxicities that could preclude access to the treatments they need; and,
  • Conducting daily tracking of how health insurance companies establish covered benefits for patients with cancers and rare diseases.

As a small specialized consultancy, everyone in the company may experience different responsibilities and utilize many strengths. Therefore, the summer internship program may encompass roles and experiences in your study focus, as well as stretching you to test other strengths and skills.

The minimum time period for the 2019 summer internship program will run from Monday, June 3, 2019 through Friday, August 9, 2019 (10 weeks). Summer internships are full time positions (40 hours/week). Timing is flexible, if candidate wishes to extend the internship time period, or start/end earlier to coordinate with class scheduling.

All submissions for internships must be received by April 19, 2019, with interviews to occur within a week of that date. The submission should include a review of the following:

  • Current studies, area of focus/major;
  • The area of study within your major that holds the greatest interest for you;
  • Which of the following projects applies your skills and knowledge best and why; and,
  • What you consider your best strengths to be and how these would be applied in an internship program at a small consulting organization that has exposure with some of the largest biopharmaceutical companies in the US.

The format of submission is at the intern candidate’s preference. All should be submitted to Jackie.Mueller@dkpierce.net. The final summer intern candidate will be selected by May 3, 2019.

For more information, download the 2019 DKP Summer Intern Profile Summary.

Purdue University program

For several years, DKP has had an agreement with the Purdue University School of Pharmacy to serve as an advanced practice service-based rotation site, for students interested in learning about pharmacy opportunities outside of traditional clinical or industry experience.

During the 4 week rotation, students have an opportunity to work with our expert reimbursement consultants as they help biopharmaceutical and medical device clients navigate the complex healthcare environment and optimize the position of healthcare products and services to achieve appropriate patient access to care. DKP’s focus lies mainly in support of oncology products, but we also support allergy/immunology, anesthesiology, cardiology, diabetes, nephrology, orthopedic surgery, radiology, urology, and vascular surgery products. We combine our expert knowledge of the healthcare industry with our substantive experience in reimbursement planning, payer relationships, product marketing, and sales management to develop customized market positioning strategies for our clients and a rotation experience students will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Butler University program

DKP has also developed a partnership with Butler University to provide internships through the university’s experiential learning program.

This internship is an Advanced Practice Non-Patient Care (consulting) rotation, available in 4- or 8-week rotations. Students selecting this rotation should have an interest in learning more about the variables affecting insurance coverage, coding, and payment for drugs and biologics, and be prepared to complete project work in one of these areas to be presented to the company at the completion of their rotation.


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