Market Research Standards

The DKP Market Research Standards are designed to help outline our responsibility to our advisors and individuals who participate in market research activities. The information provided in this document is not intended and should not be construed as or substituted for legal advice. It is provided for informational purposes only.

DKP Responsibilities to Our Advisors and Research Respondents

We strive to…

  1. Treat our respondents with respect and in a professional manner.
  2. Protect the rights of respondents, including the right to refuse to participate in part or all of the research process.
    1. Respondent is made aware of the research process, who will be involved in conducting the research, and how the information will be blinded.
    2. Respondent agreement to participate in research must be obtained upfront, rather than after the fact.
    3. Consent must be granted freely, without coercion.
    4. Consent may be withdrawn by the respondent at any point during the contact.
    5. Consent must be granted expressly for participation in any subsequent studies.
    6. An explicit opt-out request for any future contact or participation at any point during the process will be honored.
    7. All reasonable precautions are taken so that respondents are in no way adversely affected as a result of their participation in a marketing research project.
  3. Influence no respondent’s opinion or attitude through direct or indirect attempts, including the framing or order of questions.
  4. Protect the privacy of respondents and the information provided by respondents. Keep confidential all information/data that could identify respondents to third-parties without respondents’ consent. If such permission is given, it must be documented, and the data may be used only for the purpose to which the respondent has agreed.
  5. Ensure that respondent information collected during any study will not be used for sales, solicitations, push polling, or any other non-research purpose.
  6. Maintain an internal do-not-contact database as a complement to requests made by respondents for future communications and participation in marketing research projects.
  7. Confirm the honorarium with the research participants prior to opting into the study and will process payments in a timely manner.

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