Market Research

Qualitative Interviews and Advisory Boards

What are payers thinking about your product, or how are they approaching the overall treatment of your product’s target disease? Are they planning to apply utilization management techniques such as prior authorization, increased patient cost share, or even non-coverage parameters?

DKP’s services can link clients with the right mix of influential decision makers to help guide development of clinical trials, market messages, and product positioning within payers. Whether via interactive web conferences or live meetings, we develop the right forum to get clients the needed input.

Quantitative Market Research

Do you need quick answers to pressing strategic questions such as physician dispensing practices, patient assistance program best practices, or use of clinical pathways?

The DKP SnapShot Survey® can get your questions answered within weeks. We have a standing panel of physicians, practice administrators, and payers that respond to short surveys quickly. This means you obtain important insights in a very timely fashion, to inform your ongoing strategies and ensure that your initiatives meet the needs of payers to support patient access to care.


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