Level-Setting Market Knowledge

A biopharmaceutical company is building its oncology presence. Well-known for other product categories, company leadership realized that it was important to ensure that consistent, level-set knowledge on oncology market dynamics was in place. Its strategic management team had past oncology experience, but each person in a different area (diagnostics, oral drugs, supportive care, physician-administered agents, hospital contracts, etc.). By creating consistency, the company could capitalize on prior experience and expertise and be sure to apply that to current oncology reimbursement perspectives.

DKP Role

First, DKP gathered perspective on the current experience within the team to help identify where the general knowledge level began.

Second, DKP generated an Oncology Business Immersion Program that was tailored to the client’s business structure (target tumors, modes of administration for given pipeline agents, etc.). This included content around such things as different payers and their decision making, oncology practice model changes, and employer influence in oncology (based on input from DKP’s significant payer, provider, and employer advisory network).

Content experts from the DKP team were brought in to execute the two-day program, ensuring that significant interaction opportunities existed during the training to support the learning process.

Value to the Manufacturer

The company identified from the Oncology Business Immersion Program that some of their market assumptions had changed quite a bit. With validated information demonstrating how the market had changed, the company was now better prepared to establish the right strategies for the specific product nuances they would be facing in the payer environment.


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