DKP Critical Insights® Syndicated Reports

DKP has developed a series of syndicated reports to provide perspectives into the oncology and rare-disease environment. The reports are designed to help you inform short- and long-term strategies that will support market positioning of your portfolio, as well as ongoing patient access to care.

DKP Critical Insights® Syndicated Reports include:

Clinical Pathways and Other Cancer Care Management Models: Trends and Evolution

Updated November 2017

  • Comprehensive historical perspective on the evolution of clinical pathways (2011 to now)
  • Learn how payers and providers are evolving in their development and application of oncology pathways, oncology benefit management and other initiatives
  • Identify geographic trends in clinical decision making

Contact Amy Schroeder for more information.

Payers’ Use of Clinical Compendia for Off-Label Oncology Indications

Updated October 2017

  • Learn how commercial payers approach clinical data through clinical compendia sources
  • Identify the influence and preference of each of the CMS-recognized compendia
  • Assess specific compendia level of evidence ratings accepted by a population of 63 commercial payers (87% of covered commercial lives)

Contact Blake Vanderbosch for more information.

Medicaid Agency Use of Clinical Compendia

Updated December 2017

  • Understand how Medicaid integrates the use of CMS-recognized compendia
  • Identify agency-specific policy on use of compendia for oncology drug coverage decisions

Contact Blake Vanderbosch for more information.


Biopharmaceutical Manufacturer Patient Support Programs – Provider Perspectives

Updated December 2017

  • Identify how your patient support programs may align with the best in class
  • Learn from providers as to what value looks like – both now and in the future
  • Understand specific ratings of financial eligibility, enrollment processes and customer service variables that can affect acceptance of your program – and your drug

Contact Denise Pierce for more information.

State Cancer Coverage Acts and Legislation

Updated December 2017

  • Clarify “cancer drug coverage” and “coverage for off-label indications” provisions within state legislation
  • Identify definition of and application for clinical compendia provisions
  • Determine geographic variation in legislative content
  • Understand how legislative provisions such as these can trump payer-based oncology drug coverage/utilization management

Contact Blake Vanderbosch for more information.

Clinical Drug Compendia Overview Guide

Updated December 2017

  • Understand the important influence of clinical drug compendia for oncology drug decision making with both payers and providers
  • Identify specific compendium nuances and submission requirements, especially for new drugs (oral and IV)

Contact Amy Schroeder for more information.


Medicaid PBM Influence on Oncology

Updated December 2017

  • Identify key PBM relationships for Fee-for-Service Medicaid agencies
  • Outline the role and influence of key PBMs on the state illustrating where they may impact drug coverage and positioning, prior authorization development, overseeing drug purchasing pools, and supplemental rebate solicitation

Contact Shauna Williams for more information.


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