Amara Udokporo, MHA

Amara has 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry with a major focus in the Medicare/Medicaid and healthcare audit platform. Her audit experience ranges from Medicaid Credit Balance based audits to Medicaid Integrity Program audits. Amara has led a variety of audit-related projects in areas such as pharmacy, dental, and mental health and is quite knowledgeable about federal and state governments' auditing practices and standards. She also has experience with healthcare billing, health insurances, healthcare data analysis, Medicare/Medicaid claims and reimbursement requirements.

Amara is currently responsible for identifying changes to specific fee-for-service and managed Medicaid reimbursement data points such as drug-specific coverage, coding, and payment policies, determining implications for patient access to our clients’ and competitive products and disseminating and tracking this information for client reports. She also identifies key state regulations and Medicaid trends that affect drug coverage and access to patient care.

Amara received her Honors Bachelor of Science degree and her Master of Science in Healthcare Administration degree from the University of Texas at Arlington.


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