Emma Selm
Associate, Payer Policy Monitoring Services

Emma is a member of the DKP PayerScope® Market Monitoring team. Prior to joining DKP, Emma coordinated a wide variety of health and social services for patients living with HIV/AIDS as part of the Infectious Disease Clinic at Eskenazi Health. Her primary focus was to ensure patient access to life-saving medication and treatment by navigating patients through the health insurance process.

Emma also collaborated with an interdisciplinary medical team to expand HIV testing for high-risk populations, improving the integration of high-quality HIV care into the primary healthcare setting, and boosting retention rates for HIV care and treatment at eight FQHCs in Indianapolis.

Emma is responsible for identifying and investigating specific data points that support the research of the DKP PayerScope® monitoring services team. This research serves as the foundation for DKP’s client-driven reports.

Emma received a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health from Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.


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