Jaclyn Sheets
Director, Human Resource Operations

Jaclyn brings extensive health care and educational finance experience to DKP. She previously worked for a school corporation and also worked 10 years in hospital finance. Her expertise includes detailed financial reporting and analysis. In addition, she has a great deal of budgeting experience as well as experience and understanding of payroll and benefit administration.

Jaclyn’s role at DKP is primarily administering payroll and overseeing employee benefits. In addition, her experience in benefit administration helps her be the go-to person for the staff in all benefit opportunities. She researches and manages all business insurance plans for DKP. She also manages our corporate Accounts Payables and assists the Finance Director in client invoicing. Jaclyn is also the coordinate for all DMP property payables.

Jaclyn received her Bachelor of Art degree from Manchester College.

Border Collie/Lab mix

Molly is a Border Collie/Lab mix that was adopted in January 2015 when she was only 8 weeks old. Molly is full of energy, loves to chew, and can destroy just about every toy that she is given. Her favorite snack is ice. She will come running when she hears the freezer door open and stand there until she is given a piece. The crazy, funny thing is: she will not eat the ice if you put it in her water bowl. Guess that changes the taste!


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