Kaity Walker
Administrative Guru

Kaity provides administrative support to President and CEO Denise Pierce and the rest of the corporate team. She is responsible for planning, scheduling, organizing and executing meetings and events. Her other tasks include managing client interactions, project management support, business development facilitation, and coordinating community outreach and special projects.

Prior to joining DKP, Kaity worked in Operations for Southwest Airlines. Her responsibilities included managing multiple flights per day from planning through on-time departure, a role that required excellent customer service, time management, and organizational skills.

Kaity holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University.

Hoagy and Gus
Hoagy and Gus

Hoagland “Hoagy” Marie Carmichael Walker-Keck and Gus were born June 25, 2020. Their very pregnant mama, Mae, was discovered the day before by a family friend in an alley on the east side of Indianapolis. All seven puppies were adopted out to friends or veterinary staff who assisted with the delivery. Due to the circumstances of their rescue, their breed is unknown – they are true mutts!

Gus (tan) is a rootin’ tootin’ rabble-rouser who is always ready to tussle. Hoagy (brown) is a lover, not a fighter, who only cares about snacks and snuggles. Both love all people and other dogs, and greet everyone with enthusiastic wiggles and tail wags. They are currently in puppy training at Downtown Doggie, and hope to start coming into the DKP office soon!  


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