Michael Thom
Director, Corporate Project Management

Michael brings a unique and varied background of skills and experiences to DKP. He oversees corporate projects, including those related to technology, facilities, and other operations. Michael also oversees our client project management efforts.

Before joining DK Pierce, Michael held an IT administrator position with a local inbound marketing company, and he also has experience in the email marketing industry. Outside of his professional work, Michael is also a photographer and avid motor racing fan, and he plays trombone in an area big band.

A native to the northeast side of Indianapolis and current Fishers resident, Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ball State University.

Shih Tzu

Gatsby was somewhere around 4 years old when we adopted him, and he quickly found a new home with our family. Despite his breed’s reputation, he is very mild-mannered and takes way too much torture from his human sisters. He loves nothing more than to steal their stuffed animals and small toys, often adding them to his collection after the children have gone to bed. Due to his grey and white color, he is also often referred to as Gatsby the Grey. Other times he gets called Catsby, due to his tendency to perch atop couch cushions and other places most dogs wouldn’t dare venture.


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