Michael Thom
Director, Corporate Project Management

Michael brings a unique and varied background of skills and experiences to DKP. He oversees corporate projects, including those related to technology, facilities, and other operations. Michael also oversees our client project management efforts.

Before joining DK Pierce, Michael held an IT administrator position with a local inbound marketing company, and he also has experience in the email marketing industry. Outside of his vocational work, Michael is also a photographer and avid motor racing fan, and he plays trombone in several area ensembles, including a symphony orchestra, a jazz combo, and two big bands.

A native to the northeast side of Indianapolis and current Fishers resident, Michael holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ball State University.

Lhasa Apso (and more)

Yogi is smaller than he realizes. He naturally assumes he’s in charge anywhere he goes (other than his 5-lb cousin’s house). Generally content to chew on a Kong toy or his feet, 10-year-old Yogi also goes by the moniker of “Grumpy Old Man,” often inclined to bark at visitors non-stop for 5 minutes and then not be seen again all evening.

His humans adopted him at age 6, after a questionable first part of his life. He was scrawny and, um, had a great personality, but has grown to be a loved part of his family.


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