Patty Rea
Director, Market Access Strategy

Patty brings to DKP over 25 years of oncology clinical experience paired with oncology business analytics and market access. Having managed an in-patient NCCN academic oncology unit as well as the infusion center of a large community oncology practice, she has unique insights into customer challenges and solutions. She understands the complexities of the hospital and outpatient environments.

Patty’s experience in the pharmaceutical industry spans oncology disease state medical information, new drug development, clinical trial management, FDA regulations, FDA submissions, product development, pricing, reimbursement, access (medical policy, formulary status, pathway restrictions) and the commercialization process, providing her with a comprehensive understanding of the spectrum of drug development through to commercialization and legacy products.

Her breadth of experience positions her to provide valuable insights and direction into patient access strategy, physician-administered reimbursement strategy, value based agreements, Medicare innovative payment models, commercial health plans formulary, medical policy, utilization review, oncology pathways, GPO and wholesale distributors. Her trusted relationships with oncologists, population-based decision makers, medical directors and advocacy partners enhanced clinical and business discussions to ensure product access and achieve business results while maintaining a strong focus on the patient. Having spent the past 10 years as a regional oncology market access manager, Patty understands what it takes to be a leader in market access strategy in this market place and is eager to help support client success.


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